Museo Torlonia

This project is for an underground museum located next to Roma Termini and Piazza dei Cinquecento to house the Torlonia Collection. The site is reorganized to provide a sloping public piazza and separate bus stop area. The museum accommodates other public programs such as a bar/café, restaurant, and retail on the first level below ground, along with gallery/studios and workshops for the museum. This level also has connections to the numismatic collections of the Museo Nazionale in the basement of the Palazzo Massimo, as well as the Repubblica and Termini metro stations.

The second level below ground is the main level of the museum, with a gallery to showcase exhibitions curated with different thematic considerations. Rather than showing the entire Collection all at once and all the time, certain pieces will be displayed while others will be available for study or restoration in the laboratory that visitors can peek into through clerestory windows to the third level below. The overall ambition for this project is to provide flexibility, connectivity, and different points of view while maintaining a robust public space.

Piazza plan and elevation of entrance
Museum plans

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