Indians of Canada Pavilion, Expo 67, Montreal // Smarthistory

Under the theme “Man and His World,” Expo 67 dazzled over 50 million visitors with 90 pavilions showcasing feats of technology and displays by 60 participating nations. But the late 1960s was a time of great social change, and not all corners of Expo shared in the prevailing mood of optimism.

Settler Colonial Modern // Canadian Architect

Writing about modernism in colonial contexts, Gwendolyn Wright proposes that “the physical environment became a strategy for enforcing common values while maintaining difference within a conjoint modern world.” In Canada, little else exemplifies this statement so strongly as the century-long experiment known as residential schools.

Settler Colonialism, Residential Schools, and Architectural History // Active History

We spent six hours a week in our first term learning about the Holocaust from one of the world’s foremost experts on Auschwitz, even as a powerfully tangible reminder of Canada’s own genocidal history stood, silently, a half-hour away. I’d visited Auschwitz, or Oswięcim, as it’s known in Polish, the summer before starting university. It wouldn’t be until graduate school that I would walk through the doors of the Mohawk Institute.