Lab Cult: An Interview with Evangelos Kotsioris // The Site Magazine

Among the many ways that architecture, science, and technology interact, the physical and conceptual space of the laboratory offers compelling terrains for investigation. At once an architectural space and a way of working, the laboratory has a long history in architectural education and practice, legitimating new design procedures and offering opportunities for thinking about architecture differently. A recent exhibition running from March to September 2018 in the Octagonal Gallery of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) titled Lab Cult: An unorthodox history of interchanges between science and architecture, investigated both architecture’s adoption of the lab and the ways in which scientific inquiry utilizes architectural concepts and modes of thinking. … In an interview with curator Evangelos Kotsioris, Magdalena Miłosz discusses the enduring appeal of the lab, how scientific or scientistic ways of working in architecture have been examined and critiqued, and the various ways these histories can be interpreted.

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