Sunday’s Dream // Idea Exchange

This poem was a winner of the Poem-A-Day Contest hosted by Idea Exchange (Cambridge Public Libraries) for National Poetry Month 2014.

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We sit by the water and watch
the day, people pass by, tethered
to dogs leading the way

Treetops catch kites, the wind
stills and a fog emerges behind
glass ships moored at the shore

Sleek cormorants dive under
the water’s surface, our words
settle temporarily on the tense surface

Then pierce and sink, chasing
snaking feathers across
dark fathoms, vanishing

The mirror heals
around each breach and we commit
to memory an unbroken plane

The fog insinuates itself, a gaseous
mask scattering pedestrians, leaving
behind their absence, some tangled kites

The swollen white air swallows the visions
we have of each other, and when
we wake, either you or I will disappear.