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Night Light Path

Kitchener (then called Berlin) was first illuminated by gas-powered artificial light in the 1880s, and now hosts a multiplicity of street light designs, from the purely functional to the characteristic standards and sphere luminaires found in heritage neighbourhoods. Night Light Path, created for Night\Shift 2016, presents a playful approach to the typically solid and uniform…

Care Package

This installation for Steel Rails 16 invites participants to build a styrofoam room inside a shipping container at a former industrial site in Kitchener, Ontario. Taking from a huge pile of styrofoam collected mainly from Kitchener curbs over a number of weeks, contributors install their pieces (as-is, carved, or otherwise altered) on an illuminated armature on…

Grand House Swings

Playing with measuring topography, this installation suspends six swings from the underside of the Grand House, a residence designed and built by and for students on a steeply sloping site in Cambridge, Ontario. In collaboration with Lauren Aarntzen, Andrea Hunniford, Lindsey Nette, and Sonja Storey-Fleming.