Book Review: Race and Modern Architecture // Canadian Architect

In recent months, the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the Black Lives Matter protests that followed have prompted widespread reflection on the roles of race and racism in architecture. These events have spurred institutional statements, calls for action, and the sharing of syllabi and reading lists on architecture and race. Race and Modern Architecture: A Critical History from the Enlightenment to the Present is a timely addition to these efforts.

Constructing the Image of a Nation // The Site Magazine

Questions of agency, land rights, and culture arose again and again in the McCord’s retrospective on nineteenth-century photographer William Notman, yet neither Notman’s work nor the exhibition framing it provided any easy answers.

Exchange Centre // Canadian Architect

As a gateway building, Lazaridis Hall is dramatic yet effortless, distinguishing itself from its surroundings and creating visual openness with continuous glazing at grade.